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Investment Market REview & Outlook - October 2018

The ongoing saga of changing US trade policy was the major factor behind much of the stock market activity this quarter, but US and Asian markets reacted very differently to each other.

In addition to intra-country trade negotiations, the US initiated a further interest rate rise in September and another is anticipated in December.  The effects of steadily rising rates should not harm equity markets as it looks as though companies are well placed to deal with less generous financial conditions but those with high levels of debt may find things increasingly difficult.
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Julie Mallett Chartered Financial Planner

Julie joined Gibbs Denley Financial Services in 2010, after completing a Law degree. When considering her career options, she decided she would like to work in finance. Her search led her to an advert for a trainee Administrator role at our Bury St Edmunds office. Liking the sound of the job, she was also drawn by the potential for further study and progression within the company and the industry. Through Gibbs Denley Financial Services Professional Development Programme, she is now a Chartered Financial Planner. [click to continue…]

Investment markets have exhibited mixed behaviours so far this year, from fretfulness in the highly volatile first quarter, to growing confidence in the second.  It is easy to see the risks in these troubled waters, especially given the media focus on some of them, but skillful navigation enables us to identify and making the most of the opportunities while minimising those risks.

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Craig Hilton

Continuing a year of fantastic achievements from our staff, Associate Director and Financial Adviser Craig Hilton has recently gained both Chartered Financial Planner status and Fellowship of the PFS.

In order to achieve both of these, Craig has passed 19 exams requiring around 1,450 hours of study. He also has to demonstrate a commitment to continuous professional development as well as upholding the technical and ethical standards of the CII.

Craig, speaking about his study, says “Developing my knowledge and skills over many years has enabled me to offer better outcomes and help more clients achieve their financial plans and objectives. The PFS Fellowship and Chartered status are challenging, sacrificing many hours to study, but ultimately show a commitment to provide the highest quality of trusted advice and service to my clients. ”

Gibbs Denley Financial Services Ltd now have six members of staff who hold individual Chartered status, and two holding Fellowship.

investment market review and outlook

The unwelcome volatility at the beginning of the year was succeeded by a period of good stock market progress, though pockets of uncertainty were evident at times.

Investors warmed to the ideas that spooked them earlier in the year as inflation worries subsided and were replaced by fears of escalating ‘trade wars’, fuelled by the US’s tariffs on many countries, including some of its allies. Another interest rate rise from the US was accepted by markets without much fuss and most developed market bonds ended up broadly flat after yields on the 10-year US Treasury moved up to 3%, a level which seems to deter further selling. [click to continue…]

This blog post was written in 2018, and refers to the 2018/19 tax year allowances. Please note that, while correct at the time, tax allowances and laws may since have changed. Please consult a qualified adviser for more up to date information. 

To help you understand how you can manage your savings and investments in a tax efficient manner, we have put together a hypothetical case to walk you through it. Of course, everyone’s personal circumstances are different, so it’s best to talk to your adviser before making any changes.

At the beginning of May 2018 we were contacted by Jeff and Michelle, a married couple in their late 50s who have recently inherited £600,000 from Michelle’s mother and wanted advice on the best way to invest the money for future income, without incurring a large tax bill. [click to continue…]

Sean Pledger, Financial Adviser

After spending nearly a decade in high street banking, Sean became more attracted to the one-to-one relationship with clients that financial planning offers, and decided to develop his career in that direction. This has enabled him to deal with individuals over the long term and be able to help them achieve their aspirations.

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Investment Market Review & Outlook

The first quarter of 2018 finished in a very different fashion to the one it started in.  Recent moves have highlighted uncertainty and brought back volatility that was missing for most of last year.

While these stock market movements were arguably overdue, we believe that they will also be short-lived and that, while elevated levels of movement may be more frequent this year, they will not be here for good.  Bond markets also fell over the quarter but many regained their losses by the end of March and the fears over interest rate increases in the US subsided, though these are likely to re-emerge as we move into the summer.

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Tom Sparke, GDIM Investment Manager

Stock market indices have fallen over the last 24 hours on the widely expected introduction of trade tariffs by the US, mainly directed at China, to come into effect in around a month’s time (after a ‘comment period’), meaning that the uncertainty caused by these moves may be prolonged.

From the details that have emerged, the tariffs will likely affect $50bn worth of imported goods and the proposed tariff level will be 25%, which the White House believe will be sufficient to block trade in the affected areas. The list of specific goods to be targeted will be released early next week but will include aerospace, information communication technology, and machinery. The tariffs themselves will not have a fundamental impact on China (initial estimates show this would affect around 0.25% of China’s GDP), but the larger worry is over the potential escalation of these measures and a descent into a ‘trade war’.

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Spring Stateement 2018

Download our summary of Philip Hammond’s Spring Statement, delivered in March 2018 here:

Spring Statement March 2018