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Every year as the summer holidays come to a close, ‘back to school’ slogans and tips for getting children ready to head back to full-time education spring up everywhere.

This year though, some children will be going back after having nearly six months off school due to the pandemic. Even if you’ve stuck to a strict home-schooling routine throughout lockdown, they may need to adjust to it. Many children are likely to be excited to see their friends again and even getting stuck into traditional lessons. But there may be some reservations and nervousness. Not only may they be joining a new class, having a new teacher and needing to get back into the routine, but the way schools operate is going to be different too. [click to continue…]

When the lockdown started, going out once a day to exercise became one of the things we all looked forward to. Now, as things get back to normal and workplaces that shut down reopen, there are reasons why you should turn that daily walk into a lifelong habit. If it’s something you’ve slowly stopped doing, here are seven reasons to put on your walking shoes and get outdoors. [click to continue…]

Our heritage sites and stately homes are starting to open up again and welcome guests. If you’re planning a summer day trip, why not stop by one of these homes steeped in history, stunning to look at and surrounded by beautiful gardens? Here are ten of our favourites from around Britain. [click to continue…]

A Power of Attorney is just as important a part of estate planning as writing a will. Yet, it’s something that many people overlook, potentially leading to challenges for their loved ones and placing themselves in a vulnerable position.

Power of Attorney gives someone you trust the ability to make decisions on your behalf, if you don’t have the mental capacity to do so. This may be temporary, for instance, following an accident, or permanent, due to an ongoing illness. [click to continue…]

Have you reviewed your pension lately? Even though we make regular contributions to pensions, it’s not often something we think about until retirement is approaching. However, keeping track of progress during our working lives is also important. [click to continue…]

While the health concerns of the Covid-19 pandemic remain, some of the focus is now shifting to the economic impact. Measures taken to reduce the spread of infection and save jobs have cost the government a huge amount that will need to be recouped in some way. [click to continue…]

April saw a turning point as the world began to get to grips with the spread of COVID-19 and markets began a gradual recovery, though there were still some periods of volatility.

Many countries have eased lockdown measures and the stock markets reacted well as the loosening of restrictions lead to increased retail and business activity. We are not out of the woods yet though, and have seen a secondary increase in COVID-19 infections in some US states and in countries such as India and Brazil, where they are still struggling to contain the virus.

Our portfolios have performed well under pressure this year, and we have managed to protect capital significantly better than the market. This means that our portfolios have, largely, not seen their values fall as far as their respective benchmarks. Most have then added some growth over the last three months, building back up lost value or even exceeding their January values (based on % growth over 5 years to 3rd July 2020).

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Lockdown restrictions are easing but the typical summer holiday abroad still looks uncertain for millions of Brits. As high streets, attractions and other key tourist spots begin to open back up, now could be the perfect time to look at staycation destinations if you want to escape. [click to continue…]

Improving your knowledge of financial matters has never been easier with a huge selection of podcasts from experts and industry professionals. If you’re looking for a way to boost your money expertise, whether you have a particular topic in mind or not, these podcasts should be on your download list for the summer months. [click to continue…]

Lockdown restrictions are gradually lifting, but it’s expected to be some time before life gets back to ‘normal’. If you’ve been missing the opportunity to visit museums and galleries over the last few months, there are some you can experience without having to leave your sofa.

Thanks to technology, organisations have been able to bring their collections direct to you. So, if you’re looking to add some culture to your routine, why not take a virtual tour of some of the most famous museums and galleries around the world? [click to continue…]