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Glamping: How to give your camping trip a luxury twist

If you’re planning to camp this summer, it doesn’t have to mean giving up your luxuries. Gone are the days when staying in a tent meant roughing it. Today, there are plenty of ways to bring home comforts, or even a bit of indulgence, on a camping trip as you explore the UK.

If you want to give glamping a try, here are some key parts of the experience to think about to upgrade your usual camping trip.

Focus on creating a home away from home

Camping is usually associated with stopping over to get to bed and limited space to put everything you need. So, starting with your space is a good idea when you want to create a glamorous experience.

If you’ll be taking your own tent, it’s well worth investing in a large one that will provide plenty of space for the whole family. If there’s four of you taking the trip, upgrading to a 6- or 8-man tent can give you the space you need. It’s not just the floor space that’s important, but the height of the tent as well. Choosing an option that means you can walk around without bending over can help your trip feel a million miles away from roughing it.

Bringing some creature comforts from home or purchasing them especially for glamping trips can also help. Swap your sleeping bags for luxury bedding and cosy blankets. A few items from home can make your space far more comfortable: a rug can help keep you warmer, while adding some flowers can make it more inviting.

If you’ll be renting a glamping space, there is a huge array of options to explore. From stunning yurts to rustic cabins.

Create an outdoor area where you can relax

One of the great things about camping is getting outdoors and back to nature, and you can give this a glamping twist too.

Don’t just pack your uncomfortable fold-up chairs – invest in something that you’ll really be able to relax on. A hammock can be the perfect place to while away the hours, or an inflatable lounger can be ideal for sitting around with family and friends in the evening. The right outdoor seating can make all the difference.

As well as the usual glow of a campfire in the evening, adding some additional lights can make your outdoor space far more appealing – perfect for enjoying summer nights. Solar-powered lights are a great option when you’re glamping and mean you won’t have to worry about keeping batteries on hand for flashlights.

Take some time to plan your food and drink

Enjoying a meal cooked over an open fire is a key part of the camping experience. You don’t have to get rid of that to give it a glamping twist. Swap your traditional hot dogs for smoked fish for a delicious evening meal.

Modern camping equipment means you have far more choice when it comes to cooking outdoors. Investing in a decent cool box means you can prepare salads and other treats to go alongside your meals before you even leave home. A skillet or stove is a great way to give you more flexibility. Don’t forget the bottle of wine to complement your cooking efforts.

You’ll need to be organised when planning your meals, but it’ll be well worth it when you tuck in to your food under the stars.

You can create a more luxurious dining experience by taking a table for you all to sit around and bringing real cutlery and plates, rather than disposable options.

Add to your usual entertainment

The usual camping pastimes are still great additions to a camping trip, whether that’s planning a hike, reading a book or playing a game of rounders. But spending a little bit of your budget on entertainment can bring it to the next level and help you make the most of that outdoor space you’ve created.

With a proper table and extra lighting, you can bring out the family favourite board games. Another great option is to bring along a projector for an outdoor movie night – don’t forget the popcorn!

While holidays may be different this year due to the pandemic, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on creating fantastic memories with family and friends, and a glamping trip can help you to do just that.