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Paul Gibbs & Robin Plaster

Gibbs Denley Financial Services and Gibbs Denley Insusrance Services

The Directors of Gibbs Denley Group Ltd are pleased to announce a restructuring which sees it’s Insurance Broking business, Gibbs Denley Insurance Services Ltd (GDIS), become part of the One Broker Group.  One Broker is in the Top 100 largest independent insurance brokers in the UK and is on course to enter the top 25 within the next 5 years.

GDIS will continue to operate as normal and there will be no immediate changes to the business. The management team at GDIS is committed to maintaining the high quality of customer service that it’s renowned for. Being part of the One Broker Group will give GDIS greater weight within the market and a stronger negotiating position with insurers in the future.

Director Paul Gibbs said, “We have entered into this as the next step in the evolution of our broking services. The insurance market is constantly developing and it is important to us that we remain ahead of these changes and put ourselves in the strongest position possible to serve both our customers and our staff going forward.  We are delighted to be joining a highly respected company that shares our values and vision, and we look forward to working with them.”

Robin Plaster CEO of One Broker Group commented, “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Gibbs Denley Insurance Services to the One Broker Group. This deal further reinforces our commitment to Cambridge and provides us with an excellent platform to expand our products and services across the region”.

Gibbs Denley Insurance Services Ltd will continue to work from the same locations in Swavesey and Bury St Edmunds and it will very much be “business as usual” as far as customers are concerned.

Gibbs Denley Financial Services Ltd will remain unchanged, and will continue to operate as part of Gibbs Denley Group.

(Pictured left to right: Paul Gibbs and Robin Plaster)

Meeting with a Financial AdviserIt is easy for Financial Advisers to tell people that they will be better off if they take our advice, but it is not often that we can back it up with figures, as every case is different and we can’t make any guarantees. However, a new study from International Longevity Centre (ILC) has looked at data from the Wealth and Assets survey (the largest representative survey of individual and household assets in Great Britain), showing that those who took advice were, on average, £40,000 better off than their peers.

 ‘The Value of Financial Advice’ was produced by ILC, with the support of Royal London, and looked at two groups within the data: the ‘affluent’ (a wealthier subset also more likely to have degrees; be part of a couple; and be homeowners) and the ‘just getting by’ (who were less wealthy; more likely to have lower levels of education; be single, divorced or widowed; and be renting).

Their analysis showed that These increases were also split across liquid assets and pension wealth, as you can see in the table below:

Liquid Assets
(average increase)

Pension Wealth
(average increase)

(average increase)

Affluent but advised group

£12,363 (17%)

£30,882 (16%)

£43,245 (16.5%)

Just getting by but advised group

£14,036 (39%)

£25,859 (21%)

£39,895 (30%)

The report also shows that people who took financial advice during the period of research were also earning more in pension income – an additional £880 (16%) for the ‘affluent but advised’ group and £713 (19%) more for the ‘just getting by but advised’ group.

While this report gives a clear demonstration of the value of financial advice for the average person, it is worth noting that in financial planning there is no such thing as an ‘average’ customer. When putting together a financial plan, a good adviser will consider your unique circumstances and goals, and put together a recommendation that suits your needs. While they can’t make any promises (particularly with investments), they can help you to understand what you are likely to achieve in both the long-term and short-term.

Craig Hilton, Associate Director and Financial AdviserCraig began his career in financial services straight after completing his A-levels, beginning at Axa Equity & Law. He joined Gibbs Denley in 2010, after 9 years at a small Independent Financial Adviser’s firm in Warwickshire. During the 7 years he has been with Gibbs Denley, Craig has been made an Associate Director, and is working toward gaining Chartered Financial Planners status.

The main focus of Craig’s role is in providing tailored advice to a wide range of clients, with his expertise being in tax planning and helping individuals of High Net Worth realise their goals, for example with complex areas such as Inheritance Tax and Trusts. Many of his clients are currently business owners looking to extract profits in an efficient way, or are retired or former business owners.

Craig is also responsible for writing and updating all of the technical brochures that Gibbs Denley produce, doing his best to explain complex issues in a way that is accessible to everyone. Recently, he +has also been developing Gibbs Denley’s Business Protection offering. 

“People often underestimate what tax-free allowances are available to them,” says Craig. “When it comes to High Net Worth households, this can get complex quite quickly, and it’s our job to make it as simple and as efficient for them as possible.”

Outside of work, Craig is an avid motorsport enthusiast, and has a keen interest in cars.

Benjamin Benson, Megan Entecott, Ed George and Mark Dunnett at the finish line.

Benjamin Benson, Megan Entecott, Ed George and Mark Dunnett at the finish line. Not pictured: Dawn Chamberlain and Sally Keys. 

Starting at Pickett’s Lock, London, a team of 6 from Gibbs Denley Financial Services and Gibbs Denley insurance Services cycled the 62.8 miles up to Midsummer Common, Cambridge in order to raise money for the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity.

The team included Sally Keys, Ed George, Mark Dunnett, Benjamin Benson and Megan Entecott from our Cambridge office, and Dawn Chamberlain from our Bury St Edmunds office.

Sally Keys, who was the driving force behind the team, said of the event: “Being a Cambridge firm, it was quite fitting that we do a team cycling event. Last year we ran a charity event on static bikes and this year we were upgraded to the real thing with a team of 6 enthusiastic cyclists!
“The ride itself is well organised and even the novice riders feel its inclusive nature with the smiling marshals keeping us safe on the roads; the huge effort that goes into the refreshment stops and all the medical and mechanical volunteers are clearly visible along the way. I’ve spoken to nearly everyone since and they have pretty much all agreed that they would do it again, and we may even have some other team members that want to be part of it next year. Bring on L2C 2018!”

So far, the team have raised £955 for The Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, Gibbs’s Denley’s charity of the year for 2017. 

The only shot with all six of the team together, taken when they stopped for lunch.

The only shot with all six of the team together, taken when they stopped for lunch.

Details of their sponsorship are available here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gd-bike-ride 


Proud to Support Forces MoneyPlanThe Personal Finance Society (PFS) launched Forces MoneyPlan on 27 June, offering an opportunity for the British public to pay tribute to the contributions of currently serving troops, service families, veterans and cadets. The initiative was launched in conjunction with the On Course Foundation.

Forces MoneyPlan supports injured and recovering personnel and veterans by enabling them to get access to one-on-one financial guidance sessions with qualified financial advisers. This initiative allows people who otherwise may not have access to financial advice to talk to someone about issues such as pensions, insurance, savings and investments.

Gibbs Denley are proud to provide company-wide support to this cause, enabling our advisers to donate their time and expertise to those who have already given so much in service of the country.

Simon Rees, the first from Gibbs Denley to sign up, says: “It is important that injured service members and veterans are provided with every possible support. Good financial guidance from a Chartered Financial Planner can make a real difference in their lives, and it is an honour for us to be able to help those in need to access it.”

You can find out more about Forces MoneyPlan on the PFS website.