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Wealth Management

Wealth management combines financial planning with bespoke investment advice to provide you with a tailored plan.

Bespoke Investment Advice
We create a customised portfolio with you for the ongoing suitability of your investments. We match your individual circumstances and goals with your requirements for immediate income, long-term capital growth, or both.

Balancing Risk with Requirements
We will ensure that your portfolio reflects the level of risk you are happy to take and we will review your risk profile in line with changes in your circumstances.

Investment Model Portfolios (IMPs)
Our portfolios are managed through our sister firm GDIM, who are committed to achieving a high level of performance for each IMP,  maintaining a strict risk discipline while concentrating on offering a generous risk-adjusted performance for clients.

Advisory or Discretionary Investment Management
Portfolios are available to you on either an Advisory or Discretionary basis, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your circumstances.

Investment Research and Expertise
We believe the key to successful long-term investment management is the quality and quantity of the research undertaken. Our portfolios are managed through GDIM (Gibbs Denley Investment Management Ltd), with the Investment Team conducting extensive research into all the funds held within the IMPs. They also provide guidance to the Investment Committee on asset allocation and the economic outlook, as well as specific fund selection.

Flexible, Responsive Service
In a rapidly changing market, we keep a vigilant eye on the impact of any change, either in your circumstances or externally, and we give you the guidance you need to respond appropriately.

Online Performance Tracking and Reporting
Online portfolio management, valuation and performance-tracking tools provide a 24/7 real-time view of your whole portfolio. Furthermore, they enable you to access tax and income reports as you need them.

Key Investor Information Documents
These documents provide you with key investor information about your funds.  Click here to view the documents.

Please note, the value of investments is directly linked to the performance of the fund selected and may fall as well as rise. You may get back less than the amount originally invested.